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A Breakthrough in Chiropractic Philosophy that You Need to Read!

This is a repost from Dr. David Walls-Kaufman’s blog – a MUST read about a research study being conducted proving the unique impact chiropractors have on human physiology!

Dear Colleagues!

I want you to come to SuperConference prepared to hear the most exciting news in the science of chiropractic in our generation. As a gentleman and colleague chiropractor – I will not let you down.

As you may know by now, I will be addressing what I believe is the single most important development in chiropractic since the adjustment: The window into human DNA repair and oxidative stress (the wheelhouse of our health status) that reveals the tremendous and unique impact we chiropractors are having on human physiology.

I am so pleased to have been given the chance to address you at SuperConference, along with the other tremendous speakers you will enjoy at the event.

Let me tell you a little of the story now:

In the 1980s through the 1990s, three world class ecogeneticists, Ron Pero, Des Johnson and Joseph Cummins, each separately studied the effects of chiropractic on human biology and they were all, first, both amazed at what they found and, second, amazed by the totally negative and skeptical reaction of the scientific community.

Cummins later said, “Chiropractic does not have a role in medicine – it has a preeminent role.” Johnson said to chiropractors, “You need to shout from the rooftops the changes you are making in human health.”

Gentlemen and gentlewomen of chiropractic – I want to take the time to make you conversant in the history and biology of this test so that you can incorporate this profoundly powerful and simple window into health in your practice, which will allow you IMMEDIATELY and forever to change your conversation with your community from pain relief to a unique platform for raising total human wellbeing.

No matter the technique you do, you are the most powerful force for healing the world has ever seen – and I want you to start walking around with the swagger of a person who delivers that measurable leap in the human potential every time you touch a spine. I want you to be so cocky, certain and proud that the attitude and presence you bring into your space will someday force medicine to test this stuff if for nothing else than to knock us down a peg.

Cause right now – they’re getting glimpses that scare them.

And not everybody in medicine wants to halt the process of health evolution and keep the human race dependent upon drugs and medical devices. The medical journals are filled every month with researchers warning the clinicians about the growing debt to be paid on their credibility the longer they deny the worth of natural healing.

I’m going to give you language, and concepts, and the knowledge of DNA repair and oxidative stress that will make you a holy terror every time you open your mouth to deal with some of the stupendous backward thinking that now keeps its foot on the neck of human progress.

I think I’m like you in that I’m not the sort of person who can make gigantic claims about what I do without some certain proof that what I’m saying is true about the good of the world. I want my confidence to be proportionate to what I know, to what I can prove, to my true capacity to save a life. . . . And now that we are developing workaday means like this test to look directly down onto the process of DNA repair – my friends, this world is moving OUR way.

I want you to think about that swagger and what it’s going to look like, or maybe even get up the gumption to practice it a little bit in your office and in your life, until we meet in September at SuperConference in Orlando.

I firmly believe that the day has come where you and I best serve the uplifting of the world and the purpose of educating people on the limits of drug-taking and surgery by walking around now with an unapologetic swagger that DARES people to doubt us.

Given all I come with to SuperConference – you will not cure every case. You will not turn every skeptic. But the day has come, the proof is here, to openly and brazenly and lovingly challenge the ignorance of our society and what men do.

Doc – I so look forward to helping you in your office every day improve your service and improve the lives of people left and right that I will never meet.

It is an honor and a privilege. And we’ll have a blast together!

Dr. David Walls-Kaufman
Chiropractic | http://capitolhillchiropractic.com/
Tai Chi | http://capitolhilltaichi.com/
My Music | http://www.myspace.com/landofmalls/

For more information about SuperConference, taking place September 20-22 in Orlando, Florida, call Stephanie at 800-451-4514, extension 148.

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