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Three Tested Patient Education Strategies That Will Rock Your Practice!

Educate, educate, and educate some more! It’s no secret that patient education can lead to all sorts of wonderful outcomes – new patients, a higher PVA, increased income, better energy and so much more! Here are some easy and effective ways to educate your patients and your community:

1) Facebook/Twitter/Blogging: Social media has become the absolute best way to get your message across effectively (if used the right way). By using social media as a way to educate people (and not only promote your practice), you will start to build a social media following, which will eventually start converting some of those “virtual followers” into new patients. This is a great and free way to create a valuable presence within your community!

2) External workshops throughout your community: Delivering a high energy workshop packed with great information at businesses, schools and organizations throughout your community is still one of the best ways to educate and empower people. Every person sitting in the audience is a potential new patient and even if you don’t see any immediate results, the power it has (simply by establishing yourself as the expert on the given topic) is priceless!

3) In-house education: We all know that educating and empowering your patients is the key to a higher PVA. The more your patients know what chiropractic can do for them, the longer they will stick around and refer their friends and family. Here are some easy patient education ideas that won’t cost you a pretty penny:

  • Compile some pro chiropractic articles and publications and display them around your reception area.
  • Use visuals to demonstrate what is happening to the spine when a subluxation is corrected. Be as creative as you wish!
  • Hold trivia contests with your patients and ask each patient to answer a trivia question about chiropractic philosophy before they get adjusted. If they get the answer right, give them a small prize. If they don’t, at least they learned something new!

Now what are you waiting for? Go out and educate!

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