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The Big Adjustment

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Very rarely do I blog about company news, however, we just got back from an incredible SuperConference in Orlando, Florida where doctors, CAs, distinguished guests, dignitaries and chiropractic families gathered for 2 ½ days of learning, growing and inspiration. My dear friend and partner, Dr. Dennis Perman, reviewed some of the highlights presented from stage in his latest ‘Message of the Week,’ and I thought it would be appropriate to post since so many have been asking for a brief synopsis. The theme of the weekend was “The Big Adjustment” which had so many meanings wrapped around it. As always, our goal is to unify the profession and SuperConference is just one of the ways that we accomplish that. Enjoy!



20 Simple Ways to Get Happy

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Do you ever have those moments when you feel like you could use a “pick me up?” We all do! Believe it or not, it’s often the simple things in life that take us from a frown to a smile … a genuine “welcome home dance” from your dog, a giggle from your 3 month old baby, or even just a friend letting you know how much you are loved. It’s those simple things in life that lift our spirits. So when you need a boost, check out this article for 20 simple ways to get happy. We ALL need this from time to time!

20 Simple Ways to Get Happy

8 Tips to Instantly Boost Your Energy

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Wouldn’t it be great if energy came to us when we wanted it (or needed it) the most? Heading to the gym after a long day at work, having the urge to organize your messy closet, being able to travel 3 out of the 4 possible weekends in a month if you had to … these are just a few examples of how energy (or lack thereof) affects our lives.

If you ever find yourself needing an instant boost of energy – and let’s face it, we all do from time to time … then click here to check out this article from – 8 Tips to Instantly Boost Your Energy – and be on your way to an energy-filled week! Happy Monday!

8 Tips to Instantly Boost Your Energy

Are You Ready to Hear Some Amazing Research About Chiropractic?

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In all my years as a chiropractor, I have heard over and over again; if we only had research to document or validate what we do. I am begging you…yes, begging you to listen to this startling and shocking interview I did just last week about what I am calling The Holy Grail of Chiropractic. Listen with pen and paper to this cutting edge material that will forever change the conversation in your head and in your practice. Frankly, I cannot remember the last time I was this excited and proud to be a DC.

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Six Rules For Superior Energy and Fitness

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Energy is the currency of success, happiness and fulfillment. Having positive energy and great endurance is a common denominator of successful people from every walk of life. The key question is … how can I significantly improve my energy in a natural and sustainable way? Watch this short but powerful video about 6 rules anyone can follow to achieve superior energy and improved fitness. This is also a great video to share with your patients!

Five Medical Tests You Don’t Need

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According to the Institute of Medicine, we are currently spending $210 Billion on unnecessary medical services each year in the United States. In addition, many of these unnecessary tests carry risks and all create needless worry for the patient. This is insane and yet, doctors keep prescribing more tests and patients continue to be tested. Check out this article and learn about 5 medical tests you don’t need and why. This would also be a great article to share with your patients! It is important to remember that the educated consumer is always better off.
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Words Matter More Than You Know!

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The most effective communicators understand the power of words. They are word-smiths that craft their language in a way that generates emotions and then results. If you would like to become more influential with your family, friends or business associates; then you must watch this short video on The Power of Words. Discover how a few minor changes can produce some amazing results. Raise your awareness and raise your game.