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How to Practice What You Preach










I see it every day – nutritionists who are overweight, health coaches who smoke, doctors of chiropractic who don’t get adjusted … sad, but true! The importance of practicing what you preach goes far beyond the obvious. It’s deeper than you think! Subconsciously, if we are telling our patients to behave a certain way, but don’t follow those tips ourselves, we are removing the “glue” that combines our passion with our purpose. The purpose may still remain, but we can’t be passionate about something we don’t implement into our own lives. It’s just not possible.


So if you are a doctor who hasn’t been practicing what you preach, take a moment to write down some action steps in order to rectify this pattern. What will it take to make better choices? I’m sure you’ll agree that the results will speak for themselves – both personally and professionally! This article will help keep you on track and make sure you actions speak louder than your words!


How to Practice What You Preach


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